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Posted 23 days ago by Karl Hart

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Karl Hart

Trying to install the windows agent on Windows 10 system and it is erroring out with "Target machine actively refused it."  It is trying to connect on port 9000 but when I check the UTMStack server it is showing that port 9000 is not listening.  I have attached the error message.

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Juan Manuel Libera Frómeta posted 22 days ago Admin

I understand that you have been experiencing issues installing the Windows agent on your Windows 10 system due to a connection error on port 9000. We recommend restarting the server to temporarily resolve the issue. After doing so, please try to install the agent again. If you continue to experience the same connection problem on port 9000 after restarting the server and attempting to install the Windows agent again, we recommend opening a new topic in our technical support forum. We are here to assist you in any way we can.

Best regards,

Support Team

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